1. Your computer may not be compatible – new computers going forward will have Windows 11, but many machines currently out there will not support this upgrade

2. Your business software may not work with Windows 11 – we have already received many communications that business software such as Sage is not compatible with Windows 11 and they do not support it

3. Processes that are built on Windows 10 will not work in 11 – developers are still working on making the changes

4. You will be considered an early adopter – Microsoft doesn’t plan to do a full roll out until 2022 – this means Windows 11 is still buggy

5. Your MSP may not support this upgrade – this is also super important as if you run into problems you may not find much help. MSP’s need to work with a company’s third-party software support partners – if the third-party is unable to provide support – your MSP’s hands are tied.

So before deciding to jump on the latest upgrade bandwagon – take a serious look at what the impact may be on your organization and if you will be able to work productively until software and vendor support catches up.

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