The ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) has released a new Guideline for Securing the Internet of Things,  (IOT) to help shore up security issues with the supply chain during the whole lifespan for IOT.

One of the key recommendations is that cybersecurity expertise should be further integrated into all layers of organizations, including engineering, management, marketing and others so anyone involved in any part of the supply chain has the ability to identify potential risks – hopefully spotting and addressing them at an early stage of the product development cycle and preventing them from becoming a major issue.

By implementing thoughtful security measures at every stage of the IoT development process, potential security risks can be averted before they become an issue.

The paper recommends that all players in the lifecycle become active security participants; from designers to end users and customers.

“Securing the supply chain of ICT products and services should be a prerequisite for their further adoption particularly for critical infrastructure and services. Only then can we reap the benefits associated with their widespread deployment, as it happens with IoT,” said Juhan Lepassaar, executive director or ENISA.

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