It’s Time to Starve Scratch, the Data Gobbling Gremlin

You may already have come across Scratch, one of the six Data Loss Gremlins who can wreak havoc on your business by stealing or destroying critical data – or both. Each of the Six Gremlins is worse than the next, but Scratch spreads his own special brand of malevolence across the IT landscape with his ravenous appetite for destruction. Always ready to strike when least expected, Scratch has a predilection for aging, overworked servers so he can get his fangs into the irresistible data they hold.

But if you think you’re safe because you have newer, better-honed equipment, think again. Scratch is not that picky. If there’s data, he will do everything in his power to get at it, leaving a trail of damaged disks, mangled motherboards and despondent administrators. Clearly, it’s time to starve Scratch, and we know just how to do it with preventive maintenance and redundant backups.

Contact us today to learn more about how to flush Scratch out of the data-gobbling business. Together, we can take a bite out of cybercrime.

Foiling Klepto, the Sticky-Fingered Data Loss Gremlin

Meet Klepto, one of the Six Data Loss Gremlins that can bring your business to its knees if you let them. Klepto does his best to grab his unfair share of the $445 billion that companies worldwide lose each year (update this number?) to cybercrime. Klepto is a real sicko. Greedy and dishonest, he never misses the slightest opportunity to get his sticky fingers on an unprotected laptop or tablet, hijack a bunch of users’ credit card numbers, or pilfer the passwords of unsuspecting victims.

Klepto never sleeps, he spends all his waking hours concocting and executing schemes to steal more data. He’s an expert on social engineering, blackmail and – when nothing else works – plain brute force. But he can be stopped. It takes effort and investment to stay a few steps ahead of this nefarious gremlin, but it’s not impossible.

To find out how to protect your data, Contact us today We’ll help you prepare a plan to foil Klepto’s every attempt to steal your valuable data. Together, we can do our part to put Kletpo out of business!


Snuff Out Scorch, the Hot-Tempered Data Loss Gremlin

Of the Six Data Loss Gremlin, Scorch has the hottest temper. Think of this particular Gremlin and his seething demeanor as something out of Dante’s Inferno. Scorch won’t hesitate to annihilate anything with his flames, including your critical data. All he needs is a spark, no matter how big or small, to wreak devastation on any business. Indeed, Scorch is such a dangerous, unpredictable and indiscriminate threat that all you can do to fight it is to prepare for it and have a plan to recover should you ever become its victim.

No server, hard drive or storage stack can hold back Scorch’s attacks. Scorch is thorough, efficient and quick. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take the heat and put him out of business. To find out how to protect your business data with backups and a business recovery plan,  Contact us today.





The Cure for Mal, the Contagious Data Loss Gremlin

He’s Mal the Maleficent, the perennial purveyor of disease, the one among the Six Data Loss Gremlins who enjoys mischief for the sheer pleasure of harming others. A trickster and a thief, Mal is unrelenting in his attempts to steal or destroy data. He employs all manner of deceitful practices to spread infection and gets his cues from the vilest of life forms – the virus. Now using tactful social engineering schemes to con unwitting users into spreading his disease, Mal is the reigning king of malware infection.

Mal attaches himself to a target hoping it will infect others, making them unintentional accomplices in his dastardly endeavors. Each year, Mal costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars in stolen trade secrets and personal user data. Sometimes he does it for profit, employing ransom tactics, blackmail and outright thievery, and sometimes simply for the evil gratification of tearing down what others build. Mal is clever, but he can be outwitted. To learn more about how, Contact us today. Together, we can halt Mal’s contagion.

Fighting Mayhem, the Stormy Data Loss Gremlin

As a member in good standing with the six Data Loss Gremlins, Mayhem has a variety of weapons at his disposal. This multi-talented, modern-day Jupiter can activate tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and blizzards. Whenever he unleashes his destructive powers, Mayhem is guaranteed to make a mess. Mayhem has vast experience in knocking out power lines, ripping roofs of buildings, and flooding all manner of structures, turning everything within them into a nasty soup. And when any of that happens, your critical business data is at risk.

Mayhem has outdone himself lately, summoning up unlimited powers to create gigantic storms with driving rains, blasting winds and extensive flooding. Once he whips himself up into a rage, Mayhem cannot be contained – not until he exhausts himself. But Mayhem doesn’t have to have the last word. While he can’t be stopped entirely, his ruinous goals can be derailed with proper data backups and business recovery preparations. To learn how to combat Mayhem, Contact us today. Together, we’ll make sure he doesn’t get the final say.

Thwarting Whoopsie Daisy, the Klutzy Data Loss Gremlin

Of the Six Data Loss Gremlins, Whoopsie Daisy takes the prize for carelessness. There’s no forbidden button she will not touch or safety instruction she will not ignore. Clumsy, aloof and heavy-handed, Whoopsie Daisy is the definition of a “walking disaster.” She totters and trundles, teeters and trips, yanking power plugs, smashing computer keys and damaging any device within reach. Pressing the “delete” button and moving perfectly good files into the trash bin are an obsession for this lumbering lout. In the process, critical business data bites the dust.

Whoopsie Daisy delivers an ignoble reminder that there’s no shortage of creative ways to destroy business data. Even a seemingly harmless threat can lead to data loss, possibly causing business downtime or worse. To learn more about how to protect your data from Whoopsie Daisy and train your employees to keep clear of this clattering klutz, Contact us today. Together, we can strike a blow against Whoopsie Daisy, the dastardly data destroyer.