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Here are some quick (and scary) email password Stats

  • 1 in every 131 emails contain a malware
  • 81% of cyber attacks are based on weak or stolen passwords. Weak or stolen passwords is the most common tactic among cybercriminals
  • 43% of cyber crime attacks target small businesses
  • 91% of data breaches and hacks are the result of phishing email scams
  • By 2020, the estimated number of passwords used by humans and machines worldwide will grow to 300 billion
  • 65 percent of companies have over 500 users who never are never prompted to change their passwords
  • In the last year, 76% of businesses reported that they had been a victim of a phishing attack
  • Password theft is constantly growing due to keylogging, phishing, pharming and so on

The most commonly used password in 2018

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