Labor Day is one of those long weekends where we Americans let our guard down and celebrate with our family and friends. And that is exactly why hackers LOVE our long weekends and holidays. While we are enjoying a little downtime – they are actively ramping up attacks that have the opportunity to run over the long weekends. They are hoping no one will notice until Tuesday – which gives them PLENTY of time. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Cybersecurity Program has issued an alert this week to healthcare providers about a particularly pernicious threat – Hive ransomware group. You can read more about them here – Feds warn of ‘exceptionally aggressive’ ransomware threat targeting healthcare.

Healthcare is not the only sector threatened – the hackers are equal opportunity actors – so do not think you are ‘safe’ this weekend. Stay vigilant this long weekend and ensure that you:

  1. Have encrypted (or offsite) backups and they are current
  2. Have Multi-factor authentication turned on
  3. Have strong passwords
  4. Have your systems patched
  5. Make sure your Antivirus is up-to-date
  6. And the gold standard – have a Zero-Trust network.

If you don’t have those things above – give us a call – we can get you secure!

And find out more about Hive Ransomware here – Bleeping Computer

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