If you are like me; you may have recently received a PayPal email invoice from the COVID-19 Relief Fund – Help Families Around The World,  from the World Health Organization. Knowing I did not donate to this organization – I chose not to click on the invoice and instead went straight to my PayPal account.

And lo and behold – there it was!

After some quick internet sleuthing by way of Google; I came upon a post on PayPal in regards to this very Scam.

Verifying this WAS a scam, I followed the directions to cancel the invoice.

I wanted to share the experience with you in case you too have gotten this email and to ensure you have the directions on how to cancel this transaction.

It seems that internet scammers have found a new way to get money out of unsuspecting individuals. As always, be vigilant and if something looks ‘phishy’ – it probably is.

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