It’s that time again – time to update your Apple devices because the bad guys found a way in and found a way to exploit apple devices. Thankfully – the updates are easy – and relatively painless.

Here’s how to download the iOS and iPadOS 15.6.1 update.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap General.

3. Tap Software Update.

4. You’ll be prompted to download and install 15.6.1. If you already have 15.6.1 downloaded and installed, your device should say it is up to date.

If you see an error message while you’re trying to download the update, don’t worry. Since the update is new and recommended for everyone, others are probably trying to download it at the same time. Keep trying to download and install it, and soon the update will go through.

To find how to download and install the latest updates – hop on here to CNET to find directions!

And for the curious – read more about the latest exploits over at mashable. – Apple security flaw may allow hackers full control of devices, company warns

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