No relationship is perfect. No business is an island. Every business is connected to other  businesses like vendors, service providers, distributors, manufacturers, utilities, government organizations and more. Every time you form a relationship with a new entity, you have to provide them with information about your business — sometimes extremely sensitive financial or proprietary information — and every time you provide your new ally with sensitive business information, you open up another channel of risk.

Every attack at every entity that you have a business relationship with opens your organization up to risk that you need to mitigate.

  • More than 60 percent of data breaches are a result of exposure through third-party or supply chain risk.
  • Supply chain cybersecurity risk warnings increased by 80 percent in the second quarter of
    2020 alone.

Your business relationships can bring you many wonderful benefits – and just like any relationship, there will be a few challenges. Get expert advice on overcoming those challenges in this eBook, including:

  • Examples of third-party and supply chain data breaches
  • A clear walkthrough of how supply chain and third-party risk endanger businesses
  • Solutions that mitigate the chance of disaster from those risks

Get the relationship advice that you need to protect your business from this risk!

Download our EBOOK on how to protect your heart (and your business) from ruin.


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