IntegraMSP Board of Advisors


Darryl Cresswell

Entrepreneur and CEO of Canadian based MSP/MSSP which was named "Top 50 Most Admired Companies to watch 2022".

I love helping the underdog, and I really despise when good people are taken advantage of and exploited. In the early days this came in the form of super expensive phone systems and IT services that were out of the reach of nearly every SMB’s I helped. More recently its cybercriminals stealing from hard working entrepreneurs that really bothers me a lot. I am passionate about cybersecurity and I’ve since made it my personal mission to protect as many local small businesses as possible.
Whenever possible, I love donating and helping others in need. During the 2020 Global Pandemic I became an Amazon bestselling author in 3 categories with my Cybersecurity book. Being an author was never something I aspired to be, but it did allow me the opportunity to again give back to those in need. I donated all proceeds from the book to St Jude’s children’s hospital to help children and families dealing with horrible life altering diseases and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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