Are You Covered?

We had a nice long talk with our Cyber Insurance agent recently – and what we learned WILL directly impact small businesses with MSP Services.

Did you know that if your Cyber Insurance Policy does not list your IT provider as a first line of defense in a cyber incident – then they shouldn’t be touching your business network during or after a cyber incident. What that means is that when you get hit with any kind of attack – your IT provider cannot help you. You are first to contact your insurance company and THEY will tell you how it will be remediated. Your network is now considered a crime scene. What if it takes your Insurance Company (really any length of time) to get back to you? Meanwhile – you are completely at the mercy of the attackers.

If your IT provider intervenes while waiting for the OK from the Insurance Company – it is a very real possibility that your insurance claim could be denied. Honestly, this is a terrifying proposition for YOU; the business owner; AND your IT Provider. We IT Providers are here to help – and we are the experts – not your Insurance Company and their lawyers.

So what we ask of you today is to CHECK YOUR Cybersecurity Insurance Policy. If they do not list your IT Provider as the first line of defense – find out why and if you can add them. If not – it may be time to have a discussion with your Insurance Provider as well as your IT Provider. The stakes could NOT be higher.

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