IntegraMSP Board of Advisors


Paul Havens

I started my business after working in the industry for 20 years. I come in with a mindset that we are here to help their business get to where they want to be. Some companies are growth companies, other companies are lifestyle businesses where they work enough to live the type of life they want to live. The final type of business is one looking to sell or retire. Each type of business takes a different approach, which is why we have business meetings about their business and how to protect what they have from the growing cyber security threats.

My business culture takes ensures our employees have the tools and education to not only survive in this industry, but to thrive! Our family culture has created a great work environment and all we see is smiles every day. If I am open with them, they will understand more what our clients are going through.

I have many industry certifications but all have lapsed as I am not in the front line doing the work these days. I am an entrepreneur who is succeeding with over the 30% growth average since inception.

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